La Noire Won’t Launch on Windows 10, But the La Noire on Steam & Custom PC Versions Will

The La Noire won’t be launching on Windows 10, but the game will still have a launch on Steam and custom PC versions will be available. This is according to a tweet from the official La Noire account.

The news comes as a great disappointment for PC gamers who are looking forward to playing this game without having to purchase the title twice. The developers of the game have not given an explanation as to why they made this decision.

La Noire Comes to Steam, But Not the Windows 10 Store

First-person games are a tough genre to crack. It’s hard enough to craft an interesting story in a first-person perspective, but that’s not where the problems stop. The player has limited control over their character and must rely on environmental prompts for most of what they do in a first-person game. Of course, this doesn’t mean that first-person games can’t be fun – just look at one of my favorite PC games from all time: La Noire.

The release of La Noire on Steam is exciting for those who enjoyed the game’s unique visual style and interesting story about detective Raymond “La Noire” Thompson. Unfortunately, it seems like this version of the game is only available.

How Does La Noire Work on PC in ?

La Noire is an immersive crime mystery game developed by Team Bondi and published by Rockstar Games. The game was released on May 17, 2011 for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 3. The story of the game revolves around the life of a fictional female private detective named Cole Phelps who works for the Los Angeles Police Department.

La Noire has received both positive and mixed reviews from reviewers, with criticism primarily focusing on its challenging gameplay and at times unreliable frame rate.

La Noire uses a photo-realistic style that makes it stand out from other games in the genre, although critics have been divided in their opinion on whether this aspect compliments or detracts from the experience. Criticisms have also been leveled against its short length, lack of replayability, and poor voice acting quality.

Why is La Noire Missing from Microsoft’s Store?

La Noire is one of the most critically acclaimed video games of all time. It won “Game of the Year” awards from multiple gaming outlets including IGN, GameSpot, and GamesRadar. Because of this success, it was set to come out on Xbox One and Windows 10 in April 2019…

At the time, there are a few reasons that explain why La Noire is missing from Microsoft’s store. The game has been removed because it uses its own innovative way to play which doesn’t allow for easy portability to any other platforms. Furthermore, Microsoft could have felt that its sales were not lucrative enough for their platform.

One thing is clear – we will probably never know why La Noire was given such an abrupt release date.