The Complete Guide to Boy Bathroom Ideas and How to Create a Fun and Safe Space for Boys

Boys have a different attitude about their bedrooms than girls do. A lot of them associate their bedroom with a place for playing and relaxation, so it is important to design the space in a way that will keep boys happy and comfortable throughout.

The Complete Guide to Boy Bathroom Ideas and How to Create a Fun and Safe Space for Boys

by Emma Coates

Why is the Boy Bathroom Design Trend Persistent?

An article from the Wall Street Journal states that “boy bathrooms” are getting more popular. They are a trend that is persisting with an upward trend in bathroom remodeling projects. In the article, the author says that while some people find it strange, others find it appealing.

The author goes on to say how this trend is not only seen in homes and hotels but also in public spaces such as parks and restaurants.


This section discusses how bathroom design has been a trending topic for quite some time now and there exists many reasons why the “boy bathroom” design is still prevalent.

How to Create an Inspiring Play Area in the Boys’ Bathroom Design

Inspiring environment can help improve children’s skills and performance.

The most important element in creating an inspiring play area is the design itself. The design should be easy to use so that children can easily manipulate it. It should also be aesthetically pleasing for children of all ages.

First, create a plan on how to use the space in the boys’ bathroom. Some of the questions you might ask yourself are:

– What kind of activities will take place in this room?

– How do these activities facilitate healthy development?

– What are some features I want to include?

Nautical Themed Boys Bathroom Ideas

One of the most relevant and interesting topics is how to decorate a boys bathroom. The nautical themed bathroom idea is a great choice because it reminds us of the ocean and boats.

Nautical themed boys bathroom ideas can be personalized and put your own personal touch on it by mixing different materials like wood, stone, slate, stainless steel.

This type of theme will appeal to kids or adults who appreciate the sea or boating activities. This idea will also work well for those who like the marine life such as sailors, fishers, and sea turtles.

Boys Bathroom Ideas with Arrow Wall Shelf

A kids’ bathroom is the perfect place for a decorative arrow wall shelf. Just like how we can give our kids some fun and functional furniture in their rooms, we can also add a decorative shelf for them to play with on the wall of their bathrooms.

The arrows are made from wood and will last long before they need to be replaced. They are also light in weight so it makes the shelf easy to move around when you need to clean up after your little ones use it.

Boys Bathroom with Funky Wallpaper

This is a bathroom that seems to have a wall of colorful graffiti. It is a fun and funky place for a kid to hang out in.

This room has been designed for kids with bright colors and interesting graffiti. The large tiles on the floor makes it easy for kids to play without fear of slipping or hurting themselves. The walls are covered with different geometric shapes that can be found in nature, like trees, plants or swirls.

The wallpaper above the bathtub is spray painted on canvas and gives this bathroom an interesting touch.